Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Meet the Misogynista!

Greetings Friends, Followers, and Random Internet Strangers!

I am The Misogynista, a female who has the audacity to be on the internet, and still expects to be treated with respect! Also a female who leaves her home unescorted with her head (and sometimes ankles or worse!) exposed, and expects to be left alone.

Well. I'm sure you've all heard of experienced enough hilarious(or not) horror stories to know that that doesn't always happen. And I'm here to make public about a zillion things that people have said over the web, thinking that they were safe. Some of these things, my friends, are utterly ridiculous. I have a really, really hard time imagining what goes through the heads of these people when they write this stuff. And, if I'm really, really lucky, you'll think that the way I write about it is funny!

You'll all get to that soon enough. This post is about me, because I'm interesting, dammit!

I hope you'll understand if I don't feel like disclaiming my name. Misogynista will have to do. I'm a late-twentysomething, unmarried(but not single), childless female. I'm fit and curvy, and I pretend my hair is red because (in my opionion) God ran out of the right color the day I was made. I even have the green eyes and freckles to go with it.

I'm rather intelligent, with an IQ hitting the mid 120s, depending on the test. I'm incredibly clever and quick-witted. I think I'm hilarious, and usually so do the people who get my jokes. For example, I have a Rottweiler named "Mervin, The Sheriff of Rottingham." I think that's hysterical. A lot of people look at me funny. Whatever, he's the awesomest Sheriff this side of England.

...Except I don't live in England.


I'm also well-read, fairly cultured, educated, and gainfully employed. The point I'm trying to make is that I am worth SO MUCH MORE THAN A CURVY BACKSIDE, and I am right sick of people treating me like the only thing that's important is below the brain. I'm a worthwhile human being, dammit!

So this blog is going to be filled with the ridiculous misogyny that I (and anyone who feels like contributing!) deal with on a daily basis.

I call it "Weekly" dose because I just can't commit to a daily post. I can't help it, I've been hurt before. However, I can pretty much guarantee that you'll find something every day at so feelf ree to follow me!

I'm going to spent the next day or so searching through my archives and finding the perfect message to post and mock. And for those who are curious about the profile that inspires such literary gems, you can find me on OKCupid at username Fatalis_Vox. Maybe I'll edit this post to include an actual link when I'm home and the website isn't blocked.

If you have anything that you'd like to contribute, any interactions or messages you'd like to see publically ridiculed, please email me at!

It's been lovely meeting you!


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